The following goals are central to this project:


1. Broadening the project and the use of e-Portfolio. By:

  • New partner countries: Lithuania, France, and Italy! The COZIMA developers, the Netherlands and Germany, support the new partner countries in their implementation and improve the content of the e-Portfolio.
  • New target groups: employers, employment agencies and municipalities learn what COZIMA can contribute to the transition of young people to work and an apprenticeship.


2. Improving the e-Portfolio and its ease of use for users. By:

  • A QR code to quickly place assignments in the portfolio. Easy for employers, internship supervisors, teachers and pupils themselves.
  • a traffic light functionality (red-orange-green) that makes progress visible.
  • instruction videos and training sessions for new e-Portfolio users .
  • teach students how to use videos and photos as evidence.


3. Enlarge sustainability of use by:

  • actively involving partner countries in the project and each other's activities via a message wall.
  • collecting and sharing good practices.
  • aligning the portfolio with VET systems and partner countries' needs.
  • generate management information and user satisfaction.
  • a guide for users.