The SUSTEIN user guide


Via the link you can download our SUSTEIN guide. This guide contains a collection of useful tools that can be used in supporting special needs students. The tools have been developed in the course of our Erasmus+ project “SUSTEIN”. This project is a continuation of the Cozima project (2015 – 2018) in which an e- portfolio was developed for disadvantaged youngsters (SEN). The main reason for developing the portfolio is that youngsters do not always receive a diploma or certificate after their study period which makes it hard for them to present their strengths and competences.


In the SUSTEIN project, the portfolio is improved and expanded with several innovative tools and guidelines towards employment and transfer to the labour market. The project is carried out with funding from Erasmus+ and by the following partner countries: Italy (I.I.S.P. Sraffa), Netherlands (Aloysius Stichting, PSW, Sectorraad GO), Germany (Bildungsbüro Herne, Mulvany Berufskolleg Herne), France (Lycée Professionnel Turgot), Lithuania (Alytaus profesinio rengimo centras).


This guide is part of the SUSTEIN project. It includes information on VET systems and best practices in the partner countries for inspiration, but also includes relevant tools such as an internship guide (with practical information on how to guide students with a special need) and a training program. The e-portfolio Cozima plays a central role in this guide: Different functionalities and best practices of using the portfolio have been included in several parts. We used experiences that we had in the course of the project to make the guide practical.


Download Sustein Guide.



A short introduction of getting started with the ePortfolio: read this document.


Final Report

December 2022


During our project we had an interim evaluation and at the end a final evalation about the progress of the project, the outcome of the project, the communication and cooperation between the partners. Interested in the results of this evaluation? Download here the report.


Interim evalation

mei 2021


Find here the results of the progress of our project, the actions taken so far and the goals.


A lifelong digital portfolio

More information about the portfolio and the Erasmus projects Cozima&Sustein.

Download the leaflet.