Key activities in the project are:


  • QR code for the fast uploading of forms, photos, and evidence
  • Traffic light functionality to make progress visible
  • User training courses
  • Instructional films on instruments
  • Frameworks portfolio for internship practice
  • Translate portfolios to the Lithuanian, French, and Italian language
  • Portfolio as transition hub (for employers, regional partners, relevance VET systems + standards for the portfolio per country)



  • Portfolio in own language by new countries
  • New instruments by the Netherlands and Germany



  • ‘First user’- training in the new countries
  • Multiplier training


Knowledge sharing

  • Messagewall (internal within the project)
  • Project newsletters
  • Good practices of implementation portfolio
  • Dissemination per country (meetings, news items, publications, information)



  • COZIMA as portfolio for legal Practical Diploma Labour VSO (The Netherlands)
  • Phase model for apprenticeships, career development and guidance (The Netherlands)
  • SUSTEIN-guide with overall overview portfolio and implementation



  • Quantitative assessment of COZIMA portfolios
  • User satisfaction measurements