Results and Impact

In december 2022 our project ended. The tools we wanted to develop have been realised. The portfolio is embedded in our organisations , we keep on working with the portfolio and stay focused on new developments to make it even further suitable for our students.


Realised are the following items:


  • Training videos (find a link to the videos at the bottom of this page)
  • Sustein User guide (to be found at "downloads")
  • implementing QR-code
  • traffic light
  • quantitative data on the use of the portfolio
  • qualitative date on the use of the portfolio



We like to share some good practises about different ways of using the ePortfolio.

Open the document below and read about some nice examples. Do you want some more information or a demo-account?

Please send us an email.


Click here for the usercases



In the course of our project, we have developed videos to illustrate what using the portfolio can bring you and it also explains several functionalities of Cozima. The videos are created in a way that makes them suitable for the target group (special needs students). Find below the following videos:


  1. Introducing the ePortfolio
  2. Activate your account
  3. Information on your profile
  4. Navigate through your portfolio
  5. Creating a CV
  6. Adding a photo or video
  7. Make use of a traffic light / a progress bar