11 mei 2022

Participation in the republican Erasmus + conference

May 11th Pupils of Alytus Vocational Training Center Miglė Šimakauskaitė and Miglė Aleliūnaitė participated with the teacher Rima Tarasevičienė in the remote republican conference for the dissemination of good practice “Erasmus + program opportunities for all”.


The conference was organized by Kaunas Technical Vocational Training Center.

Students presented Erasmus + project no. 2019-1-ES01-KA229-065600_6 “Active performant personalized lifelong education” activities and impressions from the project meeting in Spain.


R. Tarasevičienė presented the coordinated Erasmus + project No. 2019-1-NL01-KA202-060504 ePortfolio and the possibilities of using the intelligent product “Supporting students in education and information network”.




Earlier that week there was a conference for teachers in which they shared their experience at the conference organized by Domeikava and Neveroniai gymnasiums. Teachers from Domeikava, Neveroniai, Garliava Juozas Lukša, Karmėlava Balis Buračas, Raudondvaris Gymnasium, Šlienava Basic School, guests from Kėdainiai At×alynas Gymnasium, Alytus Vocational Training Center read reports.


The conference was attended by like-minded friends from all over Lithuania, as well as learning friends from Karmėlava, Domeikava, Neveroniai and Šlienava of the Leadership Time 3 Kaunas District Municipality Change Project “Positive Communication for Educational Results”.


The participants of the conference got acquainted with Kaunas district. The long-term project "Grow Your Own" implemented at Neveroniai Gymnasium resulted in the creation of gymnasium tea. The experience of the experiential work was shared by the gymnasium teachers not only with the learning friends of the LL3 project, but also with foreign partners from Italy, Finland, Turkey, Spain and Portugal.


Speakers of the conference spoke about the most effective teaching and learning methods used in the educational process, and shared the experience gained through participating in Erasmus + projects.