13 oktober 2020

Sustein Conference

Looking back at the online Sustein Conference


In October ’20 our third partner meeting was scheduled. Originally we were supposed to meet each other in Lithuania, but Corona is still causing troubles. Therefore, the meeting had to take place via an online platform. We had a rough start-up because of technical problems (caused by Microsoft) but after an early break we could go ahead and had a very constructive and pleasant meeting. We were even able to experience a little Lithuania thanks to a video from one of the Lithuanian participants showing some of the highlights of the country. Do you also want to get to know more about Lithuania, click here.
















All partners took part in the conference. Some new tools of the eportfolio were shown by the supplier, such as the menu tool, the CRM system, the QR code and the responsivity features. Afterwards we discussed with the participants for more finetuning within their own portfolio. Also new items were reviewed and we took an advance to further develop the upcoming internal outputs such as the internship handling framework and the network communication tool.


An external party from Germany was invited, thanks to our German colleagues, to inform us about their school and the possible link with the cozima portfolio. They gave a very impressive presentation and afterwards they also took part in the discussion on the tools that are to be developed.


A lot to talk about these days and even more to do the next months to meet the objectives of the project. We also discussed what topics we would like to address during the next meeting such as the integration of 21st century skills,
career competences student satisfaction and friendliness, and IO3.


All in all, we left with a positive feeling and motivated to further develop our portfolio’s the coming months.