16 september 2022

Project Meeting France, september 2022

For this meeting, we were guests at the Lycee Turgot in Montmorency, an idyllic village in the Paris conurbation. After being warmly welcomed, we immediately got down to business. Fortunately, the Covid-19 perils are all but over and representatives of all partner countries were present live. The ample physical presence is nice, because experience shows that actually actually meeting and talking to each other, even outside the meeting, has added value. It leads to better exchange of experiences and encourages partners to continue.

For some agenda items, participants and guests were present online. Among others, in the afternoon part, two representatives of the Erasmus+ agency, participated via a Team Link. This gave them an impression of the project and the way work is done in the meeting.

As this joint meeting in Paris is the last one before the project concludes, the focus of this meeting will be: the presentations of the latest Intellectual Outputs, a reflection on the project with a look ahead to the future and, during the second day on 16 September, gathering input for the final report. This will address how to disseminate the project's outputs in the countries and for the project as a whole.